Landscape Matters Cyprus

Landscape Matters has worked with a range of clients, including national agencies, local authorities and NGOs, including:

Natural England –continuing work to develop a GIS based landscape framework for landscape evaluation and decision making. A recent study to map Landscape Types for the East of England region involved collaborating closely with Regional, County and other partners.

Countryside Council for Wales – a3-year project to develop a method to identify sites for habitat restoration and re-creation at the landscape scale for Wales.

Local Authorities – assist Local authorities to undertake LCA’s to inform policies for planning and countryside management.

Defra – development of a new land classification system for the uplands, based on farming hardship and environmental quality.

CPRE – preparation of a Community Landscape Statement to demonstrate the potential for enhancing landscape character maps with local knowledge and information.

Peak District National Park Authority – the development of an LCA to assist with ecological and historical strategies and to inform the development and implementation of National Park management and land use planning policies.