Landscape Matters has a high level of expertise and knowledge related to the understanding and management of natural and cultural landscapes in Britain and abroad. In particular, our experience of landscape mapping is based on the methodology developed as part of the Warwickshire Landscapes Project, which is now widely adopted as a common approach to LCA in England and Wales. This experience is complemented by research, with theĀ University of Reading, into the evaluation of landscape sensitivity and the development of GIS tools for habitat restoration and expansion at the landscape scale.

  • Specific experience within the team relates to:
  • Understanding and mapping the natural and cultural aspects of the landscape.
  • Capturing the visual dimension of the landscape to define landscape character types.
  • Assessment of the condition of the countryside to help define landscape strategies and management guidelines.
  • Evaluation of landscape sensitivity to assess the options for changing, or enhancing the ecological, cultural, or visual character of different landscapes.
  • Identifying the need/opportunities for creating Habitat networks at the landscape scale.